Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Water Crisis

Back to the water crisis... although our faucets continue to provide our much-needed water supply, yesterday the water that was coming out was a light brown color! I thought at first it was from the dirty pail and washed it both inside and out and then after several rinses, I realized that it was the water itself. It's still that way this morning but not as brown. Because of this I didn't want to take my bath yesterday. But the heat and my stickiness from sweating got the better of me and I used the water to bathe.

This happened at another time a few years back. I think it's related to the water crisis that we're experiencing. Though we are not under Maynilad (the water company that is directly affected), Manila Water is cooperating with Maynilad to help them out of this crisis. So whatever process these companies are taking, is affecting our quality of water. People who have no water would say that we have no reason to complain, at least we have water. I do feel for those without water right now. I see the long lines of people with their pails and other containers. This only adds to our hardship. This is our desert. When will the manna come?


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