Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday - The Start of My Work Week

Just got off facebook chatting with one of Jojo's cousins. It's one of those pleasant distractions. We both love facebook and how it has so many features, sure does beat Friendster. Haven't tried the others like Twitter. Too much to handle. For now, we're happy with Facebook.

Well, another Monday. Another "work" week. Why do I put work in quotations? Maybe because it's housewife/mother type of work and not the usual out-of-the-house work or get-paid work. In any sense, it's work that builds my body, mind and other senses.

The kids are in school, one load of darks is in the washing machine. Another one of whites is still waiting for me to pre-wash. I had wanted to do the pre-washing earlier, but it's almost mid-morning and it's already getting warm. 8:30am and already a lot has been done. I've been awake since before 5am, before my cellphone alarm sounded. It's an early start for some, but I think it's average for most of the people I know around here.

This I figured out a long time back... we have to wake up early here in the tropics to beat the midday sun. Doing the chores early means less perspiration, less tiredness and more work done. And this is why we also have to take afternoon naps as well. It's the time during the day that is really hot and the time that our bodies needs to replenish.

Okay, got to go... work is calling me. Got to beat that mid-morning sun!


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