Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Grrrr!... some may say. Sure it's back to work and school for most or like me, back to the daily grind of household chores. I do take a day off - Sunday, rest day, the day the Lord rested, looked at his creations and was satisfied. So I should be refreshed and renewed, ready for another work week. But why do I already feel tired at 8am ?

I woke up before 5am, so I'm already on the 4th hour of my "shift". But it is not an 8 hour shift, as I work many hours of overtime. I do rest when I can in between, like now while I blog. Oh, the joys of motherhood and being a homemaker. I hope at the end of this day, I can sit down, look around and be pleased with what I have accomplished.

(photo taken from flickr page)


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