Friday, July 16, 2010

Microwaves, etc.

I thought I wouldn't be able to fit in blogging for this morning... it's been a madness morning. Waking up late did not help any. I forgot to turn on my cellphone alarm. Woke up 40 minutes later than I should have. Good thing that leftover roast chicken and rice was Benjo's choice for his baon. Got that out of the ref and popped it into the microwave.

Thank God for microwaves! Though I know it's not common here, at least for the lower classes. It brings to mind a scene when we went to Batangas to visit Dad (he was laid to rest in Taal). We were hungry and stopped at this carinderia (small eatery) by the roadside. The food that was served was cold. Mom asked if they could heat the plate in their microwave. We just got a blank stare from the lady behind the table. Jojo, Ate Luds and I laughed. This wasn't a restaurant and even if it was, not all restaurants have microwaves.

It does provide convenience especially when you're in a rush. After coming back from the US, we only had an electric stove. That was the only kind of stove that we were used to. Jojo insisted on buying a small portable gas stove (gasul) and it has become handy especially when we have brownouts like we had the other day. It has taken me awhile to overcome my fear of lighting the gas stove. I'm afraid that it would fire up on my hands or worse, on my face. But my trick is to get a long piece of cardboard paper (cut from a container box like an ice cream carton) and light that first, so that I get some distance from my hand and the fire and gas. An advantage of using gas is that it heats up faster. We use that to heat water in the mornings for our baths and Jojo uses it for his cooking. Mom still prefers the electric stove (which we've changed 3 times because of damage). I would use the electric stove too but it heats up slower, though when you turn the electric stove off, it still leaves some heat for simmering (unlike the gas stove). So a good tip is to turn off the electric stove before whatever your cooking is actually cooked. It will cook with the remaining heat. Haha, take it from the (wanna be) kitchen expert.

Gonna try to fit in a load of darks in the washing machine before we head off to school. Benjo has this Science event going on ("Farmville Project") and we hope that we get to go inside the campus to see them dressed in their animal/plant/flower costumes and masks. Such simple thrills for us doting parents.


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