Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Our Turn For A Parade

Whose parents are these? Hahaha! "Not mine!", our kids would probably say. It was a costume parade/project for the kids and we parents had our own "parade" after they were done, chatting and waiting outside the gates of Angelicum while waiting for our kids to be dismissed.

Here are some of the devoted parents that we have met at Angelicum. And there are many others. We have gotten to know them over the past year and one month, chatting after dropping our kids off and chatting, comparing notes, asking about tests and assignments or just telling stories and talking about life, while waiting for our kids outside the gates. Last year, all our kids were in the same class. This year, the kids were divided and some of them are no longer classmates. But we parents have stuck together. And I believe our children will also remain friends.
This picture reminds me of another time, when another batch of my friends (our barkada) back in Seattle got together for a halloween party. We all dressed up and then exchanged costumes and took pictures. I have to go back and find those pictures which I'll try to post here.
It does seem like wherever we go, we attract or get attracted to the wacky people! Wacky, fun and good-hearted people! I miss my old friends and the times we shared together. But there are new friends, like our Angelican parents, who share these times of laughter and wackiness!


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