Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Love Watching Movies

I have watched 3 movies in the past 3 weeks, 2 of them in the past 2 days. That's quite a lot for me who can't remember when the last time I watched a movie from beginning to end. The last movie we as a family watched was "Happy Feet".

These 3 movies were very inspirational, to say the least. The first we watched at the theatre with the kids. "Karate Kid" or the new version of this old classic (was it that long ago? It was one of my favorites), was a modern twist to the old version. (I remember having a crush on Ralph Macchio, and other Italian actors before him like Scott Baio.) Enough of the side comments and the day dreaming... I admit, I had a good cry watching "Karate Kid", especially the part where the poor Dre after the torments of his new school and his unfriendly encounters with bullies shouts that he wants to go back "home". And who wouldn't cry at tired and despaired Jackie Chan as he recounts the terrible tragedy of his family. It was a good Father's Day movie, and I know Jojo appreciated the bonding moments for him and the kids.

The two other movies that I watched were ones we rented from the local Video City store. My main purpose was to look for the original Karate Kid, but with the 4+1 deal promo, we ended up renting 4 others. 3 kids movies - "Up", "Transformers" and "Karate Kid", 1 of my personal choice: "Julie & Julia" and the other an action movie that Jojo is watching right now.

I watched "Up" with the kids. This was one movie that I had wanted to watch in the theatre, but did not have the luxury to. I had a message that I have been reading and hearing all this week, mostly in my daily devotional and through the daily bible readings. That is..."Detachment". Detachment from worldly things, from things that we think are of value, but may actually causing us to treat them as idols or other gods. I loved "Up" and loved the spirit of the elderly couple and the message that we can all have our own adventure as long as we learn to let go of those things that weigh us down.

The last, but certainly not the least, was the "Julie & Julia" movie that I watched on my own, the first part Friday night when the kids were in bed and the 2nd yesterday when the kids were busy playing downstairs. I loved the movie. I still have to read all of Julie's blog, but do hope to do. As for trying out the cooking, I think I'll leave that to that real cooks. I just do a bit of baking every now and then.

I saw similarities in looks and acting in Amy Adams (who played Julie) and Meg Ryan. Both "Julie & Julia" and "Sleepless in Seattle" are produced by Nora Ephron. I love both movies and both actresses.

I was inspired by the movie. I have been in a down state these days - can't call it midlife crisis, a term I ran across in my readings that made me wonder. It can't be, since at 40 I can't be at my "midlife" or can I? For one, it's inspired me to continue this blog. Julie and I may not have the same purpose for blogging, but there is something in me that wants to write my experiences, even if it may be of no interest to anyone. I don't envision my own blog getting discovered and then turned into a book or even a movie, but if it does give someone else a sense of meaning, information or even a small bit of entertainment, then it will not be of waste. But for now, it gives me meaning as I listen to my noisy keyboard click-clicking gives me satisfaction to have my thoughts put somewhere concrete and not just disappear in a void of forgetfullness.

To conclude though for these past movie-watching experiences... I love watching movies and I will try to watch them more often - as often as I can make time for... There are so many that I have already missed.


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