Thursday, July 29, 2010

Different Morning Routine

During this hour I would usually be busy preparing Benjo for school. Today he's too sick to go to school, with a slight temperature and a terrible cough. It's his first absent day and I hope his last. (oops, forgot about that Monday when we went to Cuyapo, so it's his 2nd absent day) Last school year he was only absent for one day, we think due to dengue. But he was able to get over his illness without being hospitalized. We'll be off to the doctor's later to have him checked up.

I've kept my "online promise" of not playing any computer games. I think having written it to an audience (imaginary or not) keeps me more conscious of not playing. 1 day at a time. My main reasoning for playing was that it was my time to relax in between chores. I looked for a book to read on our bookshelf and found an autobiography by Katharine Hepburn, "Me", which I started reading yesterday. I'll try to blog on this book another time.

Time for breakfast... pandesal and coffee (yes, I've started drinking coffee). Not to wake me up although it may have that effect, but to fill my stomach with something hot in the morning. I'm usually a juice drinker, my favorite being Minute Maid's orange juice. Halika, kain na! (Come, let's eat!)


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