Monday, July 19, 2010

Conserving Electricity

"Be still and know that I am God." This message still rings in my ears as I try to keep still, slow down the beating of my heart and try to gather my thoughts to blog. I do write better when I don't rush and I seem to be rushing so much lately.

The kids are off to school, one load of darks is in the machine and another one of whites is waiting. Then there are the kids' PE uniforms.... but I shall be still and stay put in front of the computer...

I read in the papers yesterday about how one family managed to keep their electric bill to around P1000+. And they said that this actually went up because of the power rate hike. The article mentioned several tips that they used in order to conserve electricity. Our own bill averages around P4-5k. The highest it's been was back in 2006 I think it was where it reached P10k. To have a bill of P1000, what wonders that would be.

Firstly, how we brought our bill to about half of its highest. We no longer use the electric water pump. This was a necessity before but when Maynilad fixed the pipes around 3 years ago the water flow became strong enough for us to go without the pump. Secondly, we don't use the air-conditioning as much as before. When the kids were home in the mornings, they would spend time in our bedroom upstairs which would become too warm and the electric fans would not suffice. They used to take their afternoon naps upstairs too, but in the past year or so, we have been bringing the mattress downstairs where it's cooler, so we only use the electric fans and again, no air-conditioning. Thirdly, we use the lpg or gas stove for most of our heating and cooking. Other big electric consumers in our household which seems we cannot do without are our television and computer.

There are still so much home improvements that we have to do in order to conserve electricity, not only so our bill goes down, but to lessen our contribution to the greenhouse effect. Some of these will cost us money but I know in the long run, it will be worth it. A couple on my list is to put ceiling insulation (something we should have done when we had the roof and ceilings fixed back in 2002) and another is to put a skylight in the kitchen. We used to have one, but when they house was fixed, they replaced it with regular "yero". Because of this, it's dark in the kitchen and dining area, thus needing electric lighting everytime we use these rooms, which is often.

What I can do now to conserve... to turn off and unplug any unused appliance. Open the windows so the air will circulate. Plant more trees and plants around our home. These are only small steps. Our current bill is P5,600. We'll find out if this goes down next month.


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