Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Addicted Once Again To Games

Here I sit ready to write, but my mind is still asleep and the words are not coming. Can I make a confession? A better place would be at the confessional box in front of a priest, but this is less scarier, though without the grace of forgiveness.

I am (again) addicted to computer games. I've blogged on this before when I gave up playing computer games for Lent and vowed never again. Well here I am... again! I know part of the reason I feel half awake is that I slept late last night because of that silly game (this time it's Patty Panic - Spongebob's little game that reminds me of Donkey Kong). I start at first watching the kids play and then I think oh, I can do better than that, then try it myself. Next thing I know, when I have time to spare, like when they're out at school or when everyone else is asleep, I play on my own and when it's "Game Over", it's so hard not to click on the "Play Again" button, thinking that I can do better or feeling frustrated at having being "killed" by Plankton.

I know it's wrong and it is such a temptation, but I succumb to it oh so often. I know many who have an addiction to games and still think it's harmless. But I see it as the new, subtle evil, the Devil's new instrument, that slowly kills not only our time, precious as it is, but also our minds and even our souls. For those who are not aware of this and think that it's just an innocent game that doesn't harm anyone, think how it's harming you. I know this and still I play it again and again. Oh, is not heaven and its promises enough to sway me from this evil? Starting today... I will not play.


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