Friday, April 16, 2010

Places We've Been This Summer ... So Far...

It's summer break and we're trying to find ways to entertain the kids by bringing them out of the house and away from the TV, which they seem glued to. Here are some places that we've been, places which won't break the bank (something we need to do with tuition fees due in 3 weeks)...

1) Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife - the last time we went the kids took their bikes. Lots of open space for biking, strolling and viewing the different wildlife (under the care of the park and DENR, hopefully to be brought back to the wild when they're healthy).

2) Quezon City Circle - we had usually come to the "circle" (as the kids call it) on a weekly basis. A new addition are the playgrounds (made of sturdy plastic) that have been installed in the middle of the bike lanes. We were reminded by someone announcing on the loud speakers to take care of the new play area by taking off our shoes and not eating in the area. I sure hope that these playgrounds are maintained well so kids will get to enjoy it in the years to come.

3) Manila Zoo - fees are still the same from last year - P40 for adults, P20 for kids. We got to ride the paddle boat too - P60 for 30 mins (it's more time than you really need, esp with this heat).

4) Children's Playground - P10 per person entrance. Lots of slides of different sizes for the kids to enjoy. It's good to come early, so the heat won't get to you. Best too for the kids to wear easily washable clothes, as the they can get pretty dirty.

5) Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum - near NAIA3. Entrance: P20/person. For airplane enthusiasts and wanna-be enthusiasts. Got some insight on history from the Air Force's viewpoint.


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