Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where's the Toilet Paper?

When mom arrived back last Christmas eve from the US, something that I failed to buy ahead of time was toilet paper... yes, our house had been without toilet paper for maybe a few weeks! Depending on who's reading this, reactions could range from being passive to the more squirmish or more vehement ones.

When living in the States, toilet paper is a must. What else do you use to clean yourself with??? Well, there is water and soap and the ol' tabo that we Filipinos are well-known for! I have to admit I still use both - toilet paper and tabo. But for the weeks that we didn't have toilet paper, I felt that yeah, I could do without it. I was clean, the family was clean and we didn't have so much waste.

But like I said mom arrived from the country of overflowing toilet paper :) and on the first chance to grocery shop, she bought toilet paper in bundles. She not only bought toilet paper, but paper towel rolls and napkins... in bundles...more than we need. But you would be surprised how we find ways to use it.

My point (before it gets all flushed down ;) is that I've realized how much paper waste we can eliminate if only we look at other options. Dish towels were used instead of paper towels to wipe away the mess on the dining table. The napkins were so accessible and so easy to just throw away after each use. But still the thought of the trees that produced it and the landfills that it will occupy.

I had thought of blogging on this before, but was hesitant because of its 'sensitive' topic... but an article in today's Inquirer reminded me to write on it and be proud. (will look for the online link once its available).


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