Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spinning Out of Control

Our washing machine just literally broke apart! The car cover that Jojo had inside was probably too much for it to handle. I've been wondering when the ol' thing would give in, but we're still hoping that it might get fixed. I'm not sure how much a new one will cost or if we can fit it in the budget. I'm so dependent on that thing, we use it every other day for 1 or 2 loads at a time. This one is probably 15 years old and it may have spun its last spin cycle.


Eileen said...

Just an update... we had a tech come in the next day and found that the washing machine is still in working condition! Yehey! The motor's still good, though the body, especially the door is in bad shape, but it still works and I got to put on two loads yesterday. Phew, I thought we'd be going to the store to look for another machine, but that will have to wait for now. The ol' one still has some mileage left in it :)

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