Sunday, March 21, 2010

Follow-up on Eczema Dilemma

A follow-up on my eczema dilemma... a week ago, I had two restless nights. The itchiness in my lower legs were unbearable and kept me awake for most of the night. The anti-itch pills that I have been taking before going to bed seems to have lost its touch. After the 2nd night, I searched on the internet for another dermatologist. I have been going to the same dermatologist for more than two months, at first finding some relief and seeing the sores on my feet heal. But there was an increase in the eczemas on my right leg and though it sometimes dried up, the skin was still rough and red.

I found a dermatologist that seemed to have good credentials on It's the first time I've used the internet for finding a doctor and I don't know what I based my criteria on. Maybe because he was a graduate from UST or that he used some sort of phototherapy. Anyway, it was a day that Jojo was asked to drive our balikbayan friend and so without the use of a car, mom and I took the kids to St Luke's for my initial consultation.

The doctor seemed knowledgeable enough, asking the names of my previous dermatologists, both of whom he knew. He was surprised though why my latest dermatologist (someone whom he seemed to have great respect for), just continued on with my medications without suggesting any other tests such as a biopsy.

The new medications and creams gave me instant relief. The roughness of the sores have gone down, though there is still some redness. I went back last Friday and was asked to continue on with the medications after seeing the improvement in my skin. This doctor provides for all the medications and lotions and puts some sort of bright light for a minute or two on the affected areas. I've put out P4500+ so far, but like mom said, if it heals then it should be worth it.

I am told that it may be eczema or it may be vasculitis. We'll take it one day at a time. In the meantime, I continue faithfully with my medications and creams in the hope for a full healing and cure.


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