Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divisoria Toys

Went to Divisoria with Benjo this morning. He had been wanting to buy a new toy (like he needs another toy). Near my derma clinic there's this one room that sells toys and, of course, it's pricier than it really is or what I'm willing to pay for, so I promised him I'd take him to Divisoria. But not to the air-conditioned malls that he was used to. I would have wanted to take Joselyn too but I know how she is with long walks.

So it was just Benjo and myself taking the jeepney, walking on the side streets, enduring the heat, crowd and the different smells that makes their way to our senses. But Benjo was ready for it and I brought him to a nearby store, near the front of Tutuban mall. I had bought several items in previous outings. Benjo was satisfied with the "Transformer" type toys that cost P45 each. I got him two, one Bumblebee and the other the helicopter guy that we didn't know the name of. We got Joselyn one of those magnet fishing toys that they've played with in the past. I wanted to buy a watering can for Joselyn, but couldn't find one. I still wanted to go to Anding's where I had great buys the previous times, so we walked several more blocks (after eating at McDo's) and found that they had bigger Transformers in the shop, some for less than P200. Benjo said that he'll just get those next time, since we already bought some. I didn't find the plastic watering can I had hoped to find, but we got a couple of waterpumps for our next swimming trip (P50 each, compared to Toys R Us' P150+).

We made our way back and by this time Benjo was tired and so we took the jeep back to where the Retiro-Divisoria jeeps were stationed (I would usually walk this route, but it is a far walk even if I would get there faster than the jeeps stuck in traffic). I pay extra for Benjo now, he is way too heavy to sit on my lap.

Joselyn was happily waiting for us when we got back, asking us what we had bought her and delighted with her new toy. Benjo also busily went to work on his transformers, though he gets frustrated when he can't transform them and I end up being the one who tried to figure out how they work.


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