Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divisoria Toys

Went to Divisoria with Benjo this morning. He had been wanting to buy a new toy (like he needs another toy). Near my derma clinic there's this one room that sells toys and, of course, it's pricier than it really is or what I'm willing to pay for, so I promised him I'd take him to Divisoria. But not to the air-conditioned malls that he was used to. I would have wanted to take Joselyn too but I know how she is with long walks.

So it was just Benjo and myself taking the jeepney, walking on the side streets, enduring the heat, crowd and the different smells that makes their way to our senses. But Benjo was ready for it and I brought him to a nearby store, near the front of Tutuban mall. I had bought several items in previous outings. Benjo was satisfied with the "Transformer" type toys that cost P45 each. I got him two, one Bumblebee and the other the helicopter guy that we didn't know the name of. We got Joselyn one of those magnet fishing toys that they've played with in the past. I wanted to buy a watering can for Joselyn, but couldn't find one. I still wanted to go to Anding's where I had great buys the previous times, so we walked several more blocks (after eating at McDo's) and found that they had bigger Transformers in the shop, some for less than P200. Benjo said that he'll just get those next time, since we already bought some. I didn't find the plastic watering can I had hoped to find, but we got a couple of waterpumps for our next swimming trip (P50 each, compared to Toys R Us' P150+).

We made our way back and by this time Benjo was tired and so we took the jeep back to where the Retiro-Divisoria jeeps were stationed (I would usually walk this route, but it is a far walk even if I would get there faster than the jeeps stuck in traffic). I pay extra for Benjo now, he is way too heavy to sit on my lap.

Joselyn was happily waiting for us when we got back, asking us what we had bought her and delighted with her new toy. Benjo also busily went to work on his transformers, though he gets frustrated when he can't transform them and I end up being the one who tried to figure out how they work.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Week

As we enter into Holy Week, I hope to really find the time for prayer and meditation during these coming days. My days are usually so busy, mostly with household tasks and family activities. But I want to find the time for what is really important, to sit close to the One who loves us and who gave us His life for love of us, no matter how much we've neglected or turned away from Him.

Lord, as we took a preview in today's Passion reading on what is to come this week, may we ready ourselves as we take our walk with you to Calvary and finally to see your Victory over the world.

Pepsi, Coke or Water?

I had a glass of Pepsi last night... actually 3 glasses. It's been awhile since I've drank Pepsi (Jojo bought it from Puregold's, I think it was on sale)... We're partial to Coke. I find Pepsi too strong and less sweet than Coke. I'm not even supposed to be drinking soda anyway since I'm prone to hyper-acidity and drinking 3 glasses last night was a big mistake! I did finally get to pass all the gas out to get a good night's rest. But I've learned my lesson. Even if it's tempting especially when the weather is so hot and the drink is cold and refreshing, I'll try to stick to water or juice.

Spinning Out of Control

Our washing machine just literally broke apart! The car cover that Jojo had inside was probably too much for it to handle. I've been wondering when the ol' thing would give in, but we're still hoping that it might get fixed. I'm not sure how much a new one will cost or if we can fit it in the budget. I'm so dependent on that thing, we use it every other day for 1 or 2 loads at a time. This one is probably 15 years old and it may have spun its last spin cycle.

Where's the Toilet Paper?

When mom arrived back last Christmas eve from the US, something that I failed to buy ahead of time was toilet paper... yes, our house had been without toilet paper for maybe a few weeks! Depending on who's reading this, reactions could range from being passive to the more squirmish or more vehement ones.

When living in the States, toilet paper is a must. What else do you use to clean yourself with??? Well, there is water and soap and the ol' tabo that we Filipinos are well-known for! I have to admit I still use both - toilet paper and tabo. But for the weeks that we didn't have toilet paper, I felt that yeah, I could do without it. I was clean, the family was clean and we didn't have so much waste.

But like I said mom arrived from the country of overflowing toilet paper :) and on the first chance to grocery shop, she bought toilet paper in bundles. She not only bought toilet paper, but paper towel rolls and napkins... in bundles...more than we need. But you would be surprised how we find ways to use it.

My point (before it gets all flushed down ;) is that I've realized how much paper waste we can eliminate if only we look at other options. Dish towels were used instead of paper towels to wipe away the mess on the dining table. The napkins were so accessible and so easy to just throw away after each use. But still the thought of the trees that produced it and the landfills that it will occupy.

I had thought of blogging on this before, but was hesitant because of its 'sensitive' topic... but an article in today's Inquirer reminded me to write on it and be proud. (will look for the online link once its available).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Follow-up on Eczema Dilemma

A follow-up on my eczema dilemma... a week ago, I had two restless nights. The itchiness in my lower legs were unbearable and kept me awake for most of the night. The anti-itch pills that I have been taking before going to bed seems to have lost its touch. After the 2nd night, I searched on the internet for another dermatologist. I have been going to the same dermatologist for more than two months, at first finding some relief and seeing the sores on my feet heal. But there was an increase in the eczemas on my right leg and though it sometimes dried up, the skin was still rough and red.

I found a dermatologist that seemed to have good credentials on rxpinoy.com. It's the first time I've used the internet for finding a doctor and I don't know what I based my criteria on. Maybe because he was a graduate from UST or that he used some sort of phototherapy. Anyway, it was a day that Jojo was asked to drive our balikbayan friend and so without the use of a car, mom and I took the kids to St Luke's for my initial consultation.

The doctor seemed knowledgeable enough, asking the names of my previous dermatologists, both of whom he knew. He was surprised though why my latest dermatologist (someone whom he seemed to have great respect for), just continued on with my medications without suggesting any other tests such as a biopsy.

The new medications and creams gave me instant relief. The roughness of the sores have gone down, though there is still some redness. I went back last Friday and was asked to continue on with the medications after seeing the improvement in my skin. This doctor provides for all the medications and lotions and puts some sort of bright light for a minute or two on the affected areas. I've put out P4500+ so far, but like mom said, if it heals then it should be worth it.

I am told that it may be eczema or it may be vasculitis. We'll take it one day at a time. In the meantime, I continue faithfully with my medications and creams in the hope for a full healing and cure.

Continuing on my Lenten Journey

So much for abstaining from chocolate during this Lent. Can I say that it slipped my mind? I had some of Ervin's chocolate cake yesterday and only realized it afterwards. Excuses, excuses! I realized afterwards why the cake tasted so good 'cause I haven't had chocolate in awhile. Well, I'll still continue abstaining from it and from computer games. The latter even after Lent because it is just a waste of time and energy.

Better still to really pray and meditate on the reasons for this season. Not to worry about the externals, but to look deeper inside and find solace in the one who loves me.