Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reunited Through Facebook

Last Saturday we had dinner with a childhood friend... Heidee or Heids. It has been almost 27 years since we last saw each other and thanks to Facebook, we were reunited and were able to see each other again. She was visiting with her family from Australia and we had planned on seeing each other to catch up on ol' days. We were hoping to have some of our other Aussie friends join us but they weren't able to come.

We met up with Heids at Ascott Hotel where her family were staying. She introduced us to her family and in-laws, who were at the swimming pool area, where her daughters, niece and nephew were enjoying the cool waters of the kiddie pools. Her kids were adorable, especially little Mikayla, who kept chasing after her mom for a last kiss. Joselyn wanted to join them, but we didn't bring any swimming outfits for them, so she just jealously looked on.

We ate at a nearby Chinese restaurant where we reminisced on ol' days and remembered people we knew and places we went to ... she was surprised that some of the people from the ol' gang are here in the Philippines and we have met up with some of them.

Though Australia seems to have changed a lot from the stories she told - they've long moved to new suburbs - it is still the same laid-back place that I can remember. Compared to the hustle and busyness of Metro Manila, Canberra is more quiet, if not somewhat dull for some folks. But reminiscing on our ol' home for 8 years (I was 6 years old when I first stepped onto Aussie soil and left when I was almost 14 years old), I felt a longing to go back and trace my footsteps. Ray got a chance to do this 4 years ago, taking pictures of Duffy Primary School where we studied and the front of our ol' house on Blowering Street. There were some good memories in that ol' house and good 'ol Canberra. I hope I get a chance to write on these in the future.

For now, it's great to be able to be reunited with our friends and we hope that we get a chance to see them again and really... keep in touch.


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