Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Observations From the Corridor

Went back to my derma again today. The eczema is getting better but these weekly consultation fees and medicine and lotion costs are getting to be painful - in the pocket!!

Anyway, this blog isn't about my own pains, but some observations while waiting at the corridors of the 2nd floor Capitol Medical clinic offices. The adjacent clinic to my derma's is a popular pediatric. The 1st time I visited my doctor at this office, there were over 20+ people who had signed up their names on a pad paper taped on the door of the office. On the next visits, weekdays, the doctor was already in and each time the room opened to entertain another patient, you would hear cries from the inside. Poor little babies or toddlers probably getting their vaccination shots. But even poorer still were the other waiting babies and toddlers who would get greeted by the cries each time the door opened and knowing that their turn would be next. I heard some of the conversations of parents/grandparents/yayas, who would say that even upon entering the building their babies would already tense up and not want to enter.

I'm glad that we're over this, for the most part - although Joselyn still has a couple more vaccinations that we need to complete, then there's the yearly flu shots. But that monthly vaccination is over and so is all that holding the child down and crying from the pain is over. So I feel for these parents as I watch how they try to soothe their children.

Another observation too was the number of daddies who accompanied their young children. There were 3 daddies taking care of their sons who were about 1 year old during the short period I was there. Great to see these daddies taking care of their young ones and being hands-on dads.


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