Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Restaurants Closed Down

A couple of our favorite restaurants in our area closed down - both on Banawe Avenue. One was Chinatown's Best Food Restaurant, where we had our memorable wedding reception, plus other occassions, like birthdays or Mavic's graduation. It was a victim of storm Ondoy and though it did open for a few days after they dried up the place and cleaned up, I guess they did not fully recover and has kept the place closed since. Another one is Han Pao, where we had just eaten last December, but apparently it had closed down a few days afterwards. This one did open after getting flooded by Ondoy, but some sort of management conflict has closed it down.

We frequented Han Pao, especially for their Han Pao Noodle Feast, which was an assortment of different dishes including white chicken, wanton, green vegetables, beef and hot chicken, mixed with noodles and sauce, with soup on the side. The serving was big so we would end up having it for leftovers the following day.

The Chowking at the corner of Retiro and Mayon has also shut down. We saw a truck taking out the tables and chairs from inside. We had spent quite a number of meals in that place, but I guess the competition from the surrounding restaurants was too much for this one franchise. There are other Chowkings in the area, so we won't really miss that one too much.

Unlike Chinatown's and Han Pao... we sure do hope that they re-open again...


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