Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eczema Blues

I've been going to the dermatologists for the past few months. It started with what I thought was a fungus infection near my right toe, then it spread to the top of my feet. I didn't take any notice and tried some over-the-counter ointments, which helped relieve the itchiness, but didn't completely heal the wounds. I went to some professional help when the wounds started to ooze liquid. I saw some places in the mall, but this proved not to be a good idea. The person who checked me wasn't a doctor and she treated my wounds as fungus, but the medicine seemed to only make it worse.

I went to see a real professional near the kid's clinic and saw improvement, maybe mostly from the oral medication, plus the burrow's solution that dried the wounds and the other ointment that helped with the itchiness. She diagnosed it not as fungus infection, but as eczema, and suggested that it was a certain slipper that I was using, which I stopped using. I went back a couple of times, but when asked to go back the third time, I figured I didn't need to. Which was a bad decision. The eczema re-occured and this time on my lower leg, which spread and again itched and started oozing liquid. At the time, I started wearing socks to hide the wounds and Ate Emma had noticed this when we met them in Cubao, where Lenlen was scheduled to meet with her dermatologist. Ate Emma suggested I also see her doctor, which I reluctantly obliged to. That was back in November and I didn't make any follow-ups until the condition got worse. I started getting some reactions to my face as well as part of my arm. I went back mid-January and have been going back on a weekly basis. The wounds have dried up, although my legs are still not in a state where I want to expose it. I sure hope that it doesn't leave a permanent mark or at least not as big as it currently is.

I'm still not sure of the cause. My current dermatologist insists that it has nothing to do with the food that I'm eating and that I just need to have better blood circulation in my lower legs and have to prop up my feet when I lie down in bed. The rashes on my face is gone and I believe as a cause of the oral medication, it has really cleared my facial skin, except for some redness on my cheeks, which people mistake for make-up! I've gotten a couple of compliments on how nice the skin on my face looks. I do hope it is more permanent and not something due to the medications.

For now, I'm sticking to my dermatologist, even if it causing me some bucks for every consultation and medication. I wish I really knew what was behind all of it and why now when I've never experienced this sort of skin disease in the past. I hate to think that it's part of getting older, but I'm not that old, am I?


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