Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Balikbayan Box

One of my new year's resolutions, which I didn't bother writing down but just had in my head, was to try to complain less often. I think I already broke that resolution and will continue to do so with this blog. I had wanted to start the year with a positive blog and so I did - full of happy thoughts and hope for a bright year. But life isn't always so cheery, nor hopeful.

I think I need to complain once in awhile, if only to let it out of my system and only if it's on my blog.

This complaint is addressed to a balikbayan box carrier that has been less than friendly and on time. We have sent our boxes through Willex Cargo numerous times in the past. I think the previous time that my mom sent it in the middle of last year, it took 2 months to arrive. So when my mom, who was still in the US at the time, called and said to expect a box any time between Dec 14 to 20, since it was picked up on November 19, I thought then that it would be a speedy delivery. December came and went and after constantly trying to call their local number (which would often be busy or just ring), the Willex employees would tell us that the box was not on their manifesto and nowhere to be found in their warehouse. And no clue to where it was located and why it was not delivered on the date specified.

Given that they had a surge of boxes coming in or the cargo vessel was late or whatever the excuse, at least it would be common courtesy to let their customers know of the whereabouts of their shipment. My mom arrived Dec 24, disappointed that the box had not arrived since there were some things in the box meant as gifts for Christmas. Disappointed still that we could not contact anyone in their office. And when January 4 came, the first Monday after the Christmas break, we finally got to talk to someone in their office and was again told that the box was no where! Aaarggh! My mom wanted to speak to the person on the phone, but was rudely hanged up on!

This is truly a lesson for us. Sure they may have delivered in the past, but for future boxes, my mom is going to search for other more reliable, friendly and efficient carriers. I'm not trying to ruin the reputation of this company, but am just voicing our experience. And if it ever reaches the people at Willex (whom I had also emailed, but expectedly, never got a response), I hope that they may change for the better - for their company and for the people they are supposed to serve.


Anonymous said...

I'll second your observations on Willex-USA Cargo. We sent our boxes to the RP on August 5, 2010, thru this company. To date, 28 Dec 10, we haven't received the boxes nor have we been able to contact Willex - either here in the RP or in Seattle. They don't reply to our telephone messages, email messages or to a BBB complaint. I currently have a complaint registered with the Washington State Attorney General and will go to the federal authorities should the WA State route prove to be a dead end. If you're sending balikbayan boxes to the RP, I recommend you DO NOT use Willex-USA Cargo, Inc.

Eileen said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous. Hope you do find some settlement regarding your lost box. As a follow-up to this post, we did finally receive that said box, first week of January I think it was. My mom apparently didn't learn her lesson... she sent another box again through Willex. This time, we really didn't expect it to arrive on their estimated arrival date. But we did call the company and asked that they text us in case no one was home during the time they drop off the box. The box came on the 23rd of December, with no forewarning text or calls. Good thing we were at home. This time it did arrive on time. My mom asked if everything was intact and I said it was. Some of her friends had used LBC which had a special offer and unfortunately their boxes were opened with some items missing.

Anonymous said...

OMG my family too are waiting for the arrival of the balikbayan box that was sent by my brother from Seattle. It was picked up last January 13 and up until now the box is still not here yet. The expected delivery is bet march 1 to 5 so i called Willex just to follow-up the box and they told me that it will take another week for the box to arrive at the port. And maybe another week again for it to be delivered here at home. What a bummer. Very poor service! I just hope our box will not get lost!

simply jenny said...

Hi just want to know the warehouse number here in the philippines so i can call them to follow-up.i just sent 3 boxes in seattle first week of march,tnx

Eileen said...

Hi Simply Jenny... Willex Cargo's number here in the Philippines is (02)430-1413

Anonymous said...

Called that number but never got an answer. I'm still waiting for mr boxes that were supposedly be delivered first week of dec. All our gifts are there. Onlly four days left before xmas, and still hangjng in there for our boxes. Willex ssured us while
we were still in seattle that 100% our boxes will be delivered on the said date, they are so unreliable

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