Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dentist Experience

My tooth has been aching. Ironically, since school started, we have become friends with some of the parents, some of whom are dentists. I have always been scared of dentists! The reason why my teeth are in the state they're in. My last dentist visit was when Benjo was about 1 year and 2 months old, and he will be turning 7 this March!

I remember because it was one of the most agonizing experiences of my life. My tooth had been throbbing and it came to a point that my cheeks had began to swell. I had consulted with a nearby dentist and was given a prescription for antibiotics and was told to come back when I consumed the medicine. I decided instead to consult with another dentist, which a friend had recommended and was just also walking distance from our house. Her clinic was at the back of their house and as I walked in, I felt tense as I always do in clinics.

I told her of my pains and I asked to have my teeth cleaned too. She began with the cleaning and then prepared the dreaded needle. After the first needle, she asked if I felt something on the decaying tooth. I answered yes, I felt it very much! She decided again to puncture a second time and after a few minutes tested for numbness. Nope, I could still feel it! She inserted a needle 4 times! And even if I told her that I could feel the needle, she proceeded with the extraction. Okay, the hairs on my arms are standing just remembering this. To cut the story short (for your sake and mine), I felt every part of that extraction. Her husband was so kind (hic) to help by holding on to my head and telling me to hold still. I was being tortured and I couldn't shout for help! I do remember shouting though, after the dentist still kept pulling at the tooth and in the middle of my agony: "I gave birth and I never felt this much pain!" And it's true. My tooth is throbbing again. The tooth was finally extracted and the dentist, as if to soften the blow said, "maniwala ka o hindi, magaan ako magbunot ng ngipin." (believe it or not, I usually extract with a light hand) Yeah, right!

So I never went back though she told me to come back for my second cleaning session. She didn't even have any change for my P1000, and still owes me P100. I walked home trying not to cry and when Jojo opened the gate, I burst out crying and told him of what I went through. He wanted to go back to the place and to tell the dentist and her husband off, but I held him back.

There's my horrific dentist story, which I hope no one ever gets to experience again. So here I sit with my tooth still aching and choosing to deal with the pain instead of my fears.


Estetico Manila said...

Awts. I hope you'll find a good dentist someday.. What a bad dentist experience..

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