Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dentist Experience

My tooth has been aching. Ironically, since school started, we have become friends with some of the parents, some of whom are dentists. I have always been scared of dentists! The reason why my teeth are in the state they're in. My last dentist visit was when Benjo was about 1 year and 2 months old, and he will be turning 7 this March!

I remember because it was one of the most agonizing experiences of my life. My tooth had been throbbing and it came to a point that my cheeks had began to swell. I had consulted with a nearby dentist and was given a prescription for antibiotics and was told to come back when I consumed the medicine. I decided instead to consult with another dentist, which a friend had recommended and was just also walking distance from our house. Her clinic was at the back of their house and as I walked in, I felt tense as I always do in clinics.

I told her of my pains and I asked to have my teeth cleaned too. She began with the cleaning and then prepared the dreaded needle. After the first needle, she asked if I felt something on the decaying tooth. I answered yes, I felt it very much! She decided again to puncture a second time and after a few minutes tested for numbness. Nope, I could still feel it! She inserted a needle 4 times! And even if I told her that I could feel the needle, she proceeded with the extraction. Okay, the hairs on my arms are standing just remembering this. To cut the story short (for your sake and mine), I felt every part of that extraction. Her husband was so kind (hic) to help by holding on to my head and telling me to hold still. I was being tortured and I couldn't shout for help! I do remember shouting though, after the dentist still kept pulling at the tooth and in the middle of my agony: "I gave birth and I never felt this much pain!" And it's true. My tooth is throbbing again. The tooth was finally extracted and the dentist, as if to soften the blow said, "maniwala ka o hindi, magaan ako magbunot ng ngipin." (believe it or not, I usually extract with a light hand) Yeah, right!

So I never went back though she told me to come back for my second cleaning session. She didn't even have any change for my P1000, and still owes me P100. I walked home trying not to cry and when Jojo opened the gate, I burst out crying and told him of what I went through. He wanted to go back to the place and to tell the dentist and her husband off, but I held him back.

There's my horrific dentist story, which I hope no one ever gets to experience again. So here I sit with my tooth still aching and choosing to deal with the pain instead of my fears.

No Balikbayan Box

One of my new year's resolutions, which I didn't bother writing down but just had in my head, was to try to complain less often. I think I already broke that resolution and will continue to do so with this blog. I had wanted to start the year with a positive blog and so I did - full of happy thoughts and hope for a bright year. But life isn't always so cheery, nor hopeful.

I think I need to complain once in awhile, if only to let it out of my system and only if it's on my blog.

This complaint is addressed to a balikbayan box carrier that has been less than friendly and on time. We have sent our boxes through Willex Cargo numerous times in the past. I think the previous time that my mom sent it in the middle of last year, it took 2 months to arrive. So when my mom, who was still in the US at the time, called and said to expect a box any time between Dec 14 to 20, since it was picked up on November 19, I thought then that it would be a speedy delivery. December came and went and after constantly trying to call their local number (which would often be busy or just ring), the Willex employees would tell us that the box was not on their manifesto and nowhere to be found in their warehouse. And no clue to where it was located and why it was not delivered on the date specified.

Given that they had a surge of boxes coming in or the cargo vessel was late or whatever the excuse, at least it would be common courtesy to let their customers know of the whereabouts of their shipment. My mom arrived Dec 24, disappointed that the box had not arrived since there were some things in the box meant as gifts for Christmas. Disappointed still that we could not contact anyone in their office. And when January 4 came, the first Monday after the Christmas break, we finally got to talk to someone in their office and was again told that the box was no where! Aaarggh! My mom wanted to speak to the person on the phone, but was rudely hanged up on!

This is truly a lesson for us. Sure they may have delivered in the past, but for future boxes, my mom is going to search for other more reliable, friendly and efficient carriers. I'm not trying to ruin the reputation of this company, but am just voicing our experience. And if it ever reaches the people at Willex (whom I had also emailed, but expectedly, never got a response), I hope that they may change for the better - for their company and for the people they are supposed to serve.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year! I welcome 2010 with positive thoughts and hope that this year will be better than last, healthwise, money-wise, family-wise, etc. Not that the past year didn't bring any blessings. I am thankful for all the accumulated blessings and experiences of year 2009 - for the continued love and care of my family, of our generally good health throughout the year, our new friends found in the Angelicum community, for renewal of old friendships through the help of Facebook, and blessings both seen and unseen.

We spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Binangonan, as we have done in the past years since moving back here to the Philippines. The traditional noisyness of New Year's Eve revelers filled the air. Too loud for some like my Joselyn, who covered her ears and as in the past New Year's Eve, started to shake from fright. So we listened to the noise and counted down the seconds indoors.
We started New Year's Day attending the 8am mass. I was surprised that we were all able to wake up early for the mass. And then in the afternoon headed to Kuya Eric's in Meralco Village for the annual New Year's/Birthday celebration for Erwin.

Lots of fun was had and the kids were sweating from the heat. You can't find that heat in January in the US. We still prefer the heat instead of the snow and cold. Joselyn kept going to the adjacent lot which was separated by barbed-wire and her pants got caught in the wire and ripped. But still she ran and played.

Christmas and New Year's were quieter and more mellow this year. More time to relax, which was a nice change from the busyness of the past years. Not the same number of guests, more people I guess opting to stay home. All in all, more time for myself to just sit, meditate and just enjoy family time.