Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hoping To Get the Job

Last October 21, I had a phone interview for a job with a US company that Alyssa, my sister-in-law, works for. I applied online and emailed in their test and got the date for the interview. If I were to be accepted, I would be able to work online, 4 hours per day and earn about $12/hour. Which is very good compared to my options here in the local job market.

I'm not sure how well I did, but I was anxious and since the interview was at 6am (Yes, you read it right - 6AM!), 2pm - Denver time, where the interviewer resides, I woke up at 5am to get ready. It was also a school day and so I tried to prepare whatever the kids needed. It was only going to be for 30 minutes, so I figure I could still help with the preparation for school after the interview.

Well, it's now November 12, and I'm still waiting to find out if I got the job or not. I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking me to be patient since they were having some trouble with their client. I sure hope the client hasn't backed out.

I've had my set of emotional roller-coasters, from being hopeful to disappointed - even just letting go and giving up thinking the job was too good to be real. Well, there still remains some hope in me, as I keep opening my email (I was told we would be notified by email) every day and hoping, just hoping that I would get an email. Of course, the email could spell bad news, but at least I would know and the waiting would be over and I could move on...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Batangas Trip, Remembering Dad

We visited dad where he was laid to rest in Batangas last Friday October 30. We had originally planned to go to Batangas on Saturday October 31, but a typhoon and bad weather was forecasted for that day. The weather bureau announced signal number 3 here in Metro Manila, automatically cancelling all classes. So we got ourselves ready no matter if it was later than we had wanted to leave. We would usually leave around 5am for long trips, but we left around 7:30am. We got to the cemetery around 10:15am after making a stop at the Cuenca market to buy some suman, kalamay and flowers.

As in years past, there were hardly any people at the cemetery, only those cleaning up their mauseleums. Since dad was laid to rest in a simple tomb, we didn't have a lot to clean. Jojo brought the walis along, but we forgot to bring our own permanent pentel pen to re-write the faded writing on dad's tombstone. A couple of kids came by though offering their service to paint the tombstone and we took them up on their offer.

I still sometimes wish that the kids could have met their Lolo Benny, but I still try to relive some of the memories that I shared with him to them, in the hope that through those stories they can get to know a little bit of their Lolo. Okay I'm getting teary-eyed.

After lighting the candles, bringing some candles to our neighboring uncle and cousin and niece, and saying our prayers for our departed loved ones continued journey, it was time to go. We don't usually stay long since the morning sun can start to burn.

We made our way to Barrio Saimsim to visit our relatives and catch up a little. It is such a quiet barrio and it seems even quieter during this time of year. Most of our cousins and their families have gone abroad, some to Italy, some to Spain, some to Canada - greener pastures, far from the flood, where they make a good living. That leaves many of their elderly parents here in the barrio, where some cousins or a hired maid, helps to take care of them.

Tagaytay was next on our agenda. We past some portions where the roads were partly closed due to previous landslides caused by Typhoon Ondoy. It was around lunch time and though I had wanted to try something new, it's hard to break old habits, and Benjo was in the mood for Chowking's wanton noodles soup. After Chowking, we went to visit the Our Lady of Manaoag chapel and then bought some ube at the Good Shepherd Sister's before making the gruelling trip back through the traffic of Cavite cities.

Ondoy Aftermath

It's been awhile - 3 typhoons, 2 that caused major floods in our part of the world, have come and gone. Typhoon Ondoy brought floods that have affected us still. We stayed the night here at Ate Emma's house after the Undas (All Saint's/All Soul's feasts) last night. In the past we would drive back home, but with no school scheduled for tomorrow we decided to stay the night taking Ate Emma up on her offer to stay in one of their rooms. Our own house here in Binangonan is still thigh-deep in water after over a month of the ravaging rains that Ondoy brought. And there's no knowing when the water will go down...

Above are some pictures of our home still submerged in murky, smelly flood water...