Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puregold's Vs Makro

Okay, I'm in a complaining sort of mood... so bear with me as I let my frustrations out on this blog. We were on our way to Puregold Qi Central branch for our regular grocery shopping. It was a Saturday morning and was confronted with traffic as early as D Tuazon Ave. On trying to take alternative routes, we found ourselves in even more traffic. Nearing Araneta where a guard on the sidewalk informed us that the early morning heavy rains caused flooding, motioning to his waist to tell us how far the water had reached.

We then manouvered our way to a U-turn slot and decided instead to go to Makro Cubao. We reached Makro an hour later. I really do prefer to shop at Puregold's, for its cheaper prices, more variety of products and my familiarity with the locations of the products. Though at times we do have to deal with lines at the counter. Lines are a part of life, especially here in the Philippines, so we've learned to deal with the waiting.

Makro, has been in part or whole, been sold to SM, so we've heard. Some of its branches are now named Hypermart, SM's grocery store chain. Makro Cubao still bears the name. Okay, what were my frustrations? Firstly, I got a trolley that was too hard to manouver. And with my back/hip pains, I had to have Jojo push the trolley, which Benjo and Joselyn hopped on. On second thought, it would have been nice to sit in the trolley myself :) Secondly, noodles that are packed in plastic to sell as bulk items get crumbled in the process. Thirdly, it was hard finding items. Fourth, and my biggest complaint, is that while at the counter, the cashier saw that the taco shells that I bought were supposed to be packaged in 3s, but I had only picked out 2 (someone might've opened the packaging) and left the individualized boxes. I ended up getting the other box of taco shells, which was at a location at the corner of the store. It was only afterwards that I realized that we should have requested them to ask another employee to get the item. That is supposed to be their service anyway and part of what we are paying for! If that's not enough, I realize on our way home that the price of the kid's milk, was P100+ more than what we would have paid for at Puregold's or even Mercury. Oh, and as part of their (non)service, we have to load the items in the car individually, since they're not placed in plastics or boxes. Jojo had to request for a box to place the meat items so it wouldn't stain the car.

Okay, I've let it all out. Now I've learned my lesson. It may be awhile 'til we shop at Makro again.


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