Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Saviors During the Brownout

How time flies! goes the common saying and how true it is many times. Since the last time I blogged, mom has left again for the US (her regular trips to ensure that she still keeps her US immigrant visa), and Ate Connie has come and gone back to UK. Ate Connie was here for a month, most of the events captured in our photo album on our friendster account.
We have enrolled both Benjo and Joselyn at Angelicum College and we all eagerly await the beginning of the school year on June 8. I hope to write more on this in our pinoyhomeschool blog (which I should be renaming soon).

Though we are nearing the end of May, we are experiencing what the weather experts are saying summer in the midst of what should be the beginning of the rainy season. It has been so uncomfortably hot! Our sweat sticks to us and being away from the air-conditioning or an electric fan for the briefest of times can be quite unbearable.

And what should happen last night when I was headed to dreamland? A spark and explosion from outside and the shouts of some neighbors coinciding with the lights and all electronic appliances (including our beloved air-conditioner and electric fan) going down. We couldn't see where the neighbors were looking at but it was apparently a wire that had exploded and cause the brownout of several houses, us included, on our street. Just on our street. We looked with envy at the 5-storey apartment at the corner and the other houses in view from our front window which had their lights (and their beloved air-conditioning and electric fans) on.

It was 10:30pm and thankfully the kids were already asleep, so they were not conscious of the heat of the night. We were hoping that it wouldn't be for long, but we waited and waited, continually fanning ourselves and the kids with the pamaypays that helped to diminish the heat. It was at around 2:30am when Jojo called Meralco again and asked for a status and was told that the job will have to wait for the morning crew because of parts or something. Aaargh! With our arms tired from fanning and with the kids waking up by this time to the commotion and the heat, we resigned to the fact that we were going to have to deal with the heat for the rest of the morning. Jojo and I took turns fanning each other and the kids. I fell asleep around 4am and was able to thankfully forget the heat until I woke up at around 6:30am to the sun shining through our blinds. So I grab the pamaypays and go down and go on with our morning rituals despite the lack of electricity. We spent part of the late morning at the mall to cool ourselves off and thankfully come back with the electricity back on at around noon.
I put the picture here of our "saviors" during the ordeal - our pamaypays. There was a time when I would not go out of the house without one. When our technologies fail us, we can still rely on these old fashioned tools to save us from the elements -


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