Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Networking and Gadgets

We recently joined Facebook and are having fun "seeing" and "hearing" from friends and relatives, especially those whom we haven't seen or talked to in a long time. Networking and communicating has become a lot more fun with these online network sites. First there was just plain email, then yahoo groups, then blogging, then we joined Friendster after being invited by some friends and now it's Facebook. We know Facebook has been around for years and I was hesitant to join another networking site, but I don't have regrets. We've been getting invitations to others like Tagged, Multiply and another which I can't remember at this time. But for now we'll stick with what we've got. They serve their purpose - to get updated on the latest news, events, to tell others what we think and to read what others are doing and thinking . . .

Which ones do we prefer? For now we like Facebook and we can see how they're trying to update their style, much to some users dismay. Friendster too is trying to catch up with a more user-friendly look. I used to upload my photos on Yahoo Photos, until they got rid of that and we were forced to find another album in Kodak and Flickr, which has limited capacity. Now, we upload to Friendster and sometimes to Facebook.

We still have the same digital camera that mom bought back in 2002, a Canon PowerShot A200 with 2 megapixels. This, at the time, (and still is) a very handy camera. We took countless pictures of our first-born and eagerly shared it online with our friends and relatives. And through the years it's captured the children's growing-up years - maybe some even too embarrassing for them to share. It has video - about 10 seconds or so per recording, but no audio, which we see in so many new cameras. So words and descriptions still has to accompany each video.

Of course, today's camera and gadgets will soon be outdated. What new feature or new gadget will they think of next? I'm not one to go with the latest when what we have still works. Oh, while we're on the subject, my laptop which we bought before leaving the States back in 2002, seems to be outdated. We used it for maybe like 5 years, having to change the hard disk once, and now it needs a new screen driver, which we can't get a hold of. Neither here in the Philippines, nor in Korea (where this one computer shop gets its supplies) or in the US. It cost me $2000 back then and I paid probably another P7,000+ for parts/repairs through the years. So I think this one gadget was not worth the total of what I paid for it.

I used to be a techie, or maybe I thought I was. Maybe it was because I had a Computer Science degree that I thought I had to be knowledgable to the technologies of the times. But as the years go by, I find myself falling behind ... but to be honest, I don't really want to catch up.

It's still wonderful receiving that old-fashioned letter in the mail every once in awhile - no matter how seldom it comes nowadays.


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