Friday, March 20, 2009

Expressions in Writing

I am currently reading a book that I purchased at BookSale some months back. I was looking for books for the kids and happened to look in the bargain bin, and the title of this book got my attention and with the tag of P10.00, I added it to our purchases. It's only now that I'm finding the time to read it. The book is "I Gotta Crow: Women Voice and Writing" by Jill Hackett. It seems timely and many of the things I read I can relate to. I do not call myself a writer, though it has crossed my mind many times to get more serious in my writing. Not just blogging, but to really write... many times before I fall asleep I think of things that I want to write. It's as if I have already written many words, paragraphs, pages... stories - in my mind.

I have never been eloquent, not orally anyway. I will stumble with words and think twice, three or four times before I give my opinion. I was always known to be a quiet person, especially in my young years - I kept my opinions to myself. It was only when I put my thoughts in writing that my opinions, my thoughts, all those that I had kept within me started to take form - to find expression, to become alive. When I took the international english test a few years back as a requirement for our Canadian immigration application, I scored my highest in the writing test, the lowest in my listening and oral tests. Looking back at that test, we were asked to write on the topic of the affects of rumor on persons or society,or something to that effect. I felt nervous throughout that test and with the time limits, I had expected to come out blank. But a story developed and I just began to write and write. It was a story of someone who was adopted, but wasn't told about it until the news spread and reached this person. It was totally fictional, but for some reason it just came naturally and when I ended the story, I looked at it and felt satisfied.

Maybe this is why I like blogging. For the months when I was too busy or tired to blog, I only imagined my words to be put in writing. But with the book I'm reading, it encourages writers or would-be writers or wanna-be writers like myself to "train" as if an athlete, and to train, practice and look for the time to hone one's art. I still have much to learn but with books like this I hope to find my voice and write what is in my mind and heart...


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