Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Trinoma

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! We had a happy heart's day celebration at Trinoma yesterday. We did the usual playground where the kids climbed the ropes, swung down the pole (which they both can now do) and went down the slides as many times as they could until we told them it was time to go. It was around 11am and though we had not yet quenched up enough appetite for lunch, we made our way to Max's Restaurant. We had not been to this part of the mall before and found the surrounding refreshing, literally - especially with the water landscape. Good thing we were at Max's early because the place quickly filled up with mostly families also celebrating Valentine's together. There were actually a couple of groups waiting outside when we left the place.

Sorry no pictures this time. It was time to change the batteries on our camera and we didn't get a chance to go to the stores beforehand, so we opted to just remember the times and create the images in our minds.

Lunch at Max's was great - I especially liked the chicken sisig, which was not too spicy. Benjo found that he liked the lumpia ubod wrapper (just the wrapper with the sauce) and we ordered sunny-side eggs on the side. Joselyn loved the spring chicken, especially the crunchy skin, and drank too much 7-up.

When the kids started to become restless and Jojo and Mom were still working on their meals, I finished what was left on my plate and took the kids outside to look at the water pond some more. It's such a wonder how they made this structure - how it runs down the stairs, how the pipes shoot water to the upper level. We actually followed the water's course from the 1st level to the third. We marvelled at the art that was created using water. I found this image on the following site:

This is part of the structure on the 3rd level where the water seems to be dancing, or as the kids noted, frogs seems to be leaping. We were there during the day so the lights were not on and did not create as dramatic effect as this picture.


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