Monday, February 9, 2009

On Friends...

We met with ol' friends who were visiting from the US these past couple of weeks. The first friend was part of our Philippine Consulate family where my mom and her dad both worked. We remained friends when the Consulate closed. Those were the days when I had a new "freedom", since my parents had gone back to the Philippines and I got a chance to do things that I would not usually be allowed to do ("strict ang parents ko, eh!" :). No, naughty stuff - but I got to go to discos or dance clubs, where we would just mostly dance and sometimes meet some people. We both liked to dance and by chance we got to be part of the Filipinyana Dance Troupe - small bit parts mind you, like being the background wave and carrying flag-like drapes back and forth. We laughed, reminded of those days. Well, we had a lot of time in our hands back then.

Another friend we met just last Saturday. We are part of a bigger group of friends, our barkada, as we fondly called ourselves. We were tight knit back then, but we talked in part of how our group has somewhat fallen apart. Distance I know has separated some of us. I've tried to be part of their lives even after leaving the US back in 2002. Ironically, I'm sometimes more up to date with the goings-on of some friends than the others, who are just a free phone call or several miles away. Not only distance, but differences have also caused the falling away.

"Friends forever"... or so we hope. I used to have a friend back in my early high school days in Australia, whom for some reason, became my worst enemy. Many will not believe but I used to fight with this ex-friend in the corridors of our school. We pulled hairs, called each other names, scratched, kicked! We were wild!!! Our other friends would just watch and even egg us on. Good thing there were no adults during that time or we would have been in serious trouble. Anyway, I still remember this ex-friend, and wish that our paths may cross some day. Not because I want more hair-pulling, but to say sorry for those childish times when we hurt each other.

I was contemplating on my friends, mostly those who are far from me. I'm still saddened that some of us have drifted apart or that we cannot just get along. But I'm still hopeful that we will one day look back, forget why we fought in the first place, and renew our friendships.

It sounds so simple and easy, but maybe this is what the we need - simplicity and humility.


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