Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Joselyn!

New Year, new thoughts, new hope ... A little late for new year greetings, but maybe not for Chinese New Year - "kung hei fat choi!"

I wish I could recount all that's happened in my absence, but it would be a near impossibility. I could sit here for the whole week and do nothing but blog, but life joyfully goes on...

And so it does ... Joselyn celebrated her 4th birthday last January 15. We had a small celebration first at McDo and then here in the house during the day itself, which just our family. I just love this picture of her, looking so contented even if we bought the smallest cake at Goldilock's.

I had wanted to jazz up her cake by buying a small miniature figurine of cinderella or the like. I went around the nearest shops, not having the time to go to divisoria or other places, I did find one that at a party store but, he he, the figurine was priced more than the cake itself. But this picture of Joselyn reminds me that simple joys does not have to come with an expensive price tag :)

Oh, there was a smaller cake (more like a muffin), which Benjo had already half-eaten, but to be a part of the cake-blowing ceremony, we put a candle which Benjo got to blow.

We had a bigger celebration in Binangonan the following Sunday. We had great food, relatives over, games and even a pabitin. Some pictures and tales are shown and told below ...

Who needs a rope to put up the pabitin, when you have a tall cousin to help you out :) Thanks Kuya Will for helping us with this game.

Most of Joselyn's cousins in Binangonan are boys, but she's gotten used to it and doesn't feel out of place. Yes, those are butterfly wings that Joselyn is wearing with her beautiful new dress. Thanks to Tita Connie for the new dress and Tita Esper for the wings she got for Christmas :)

When we were planning Joselyn's party, we asked her what she wanted and balloons was on the list. So instead of ordering blown-up balloons we bought 2 packs at National Bookstore. We had hoped to borrow a pump, but didn't get to and tried to blow them ourselves. Not a good idea. Benjo had fun blowing them and found that he could blow them himself, though people told him that he would get "beke" from blowing too hard. How true is this or another old woman's tale ???

Another tale, this one true, is of our "bring me" game. Since we played it outdoors, I tried to ask for things they could see outside. I said "bring me a 'dahon' (leaf)" and Elsie goes to the nearest tree and when trying to pull the leaf, pulls the whole branch, which had like 20 leaves! ... It was a fun time all around. To top it off, it was the feast of Sto. Nino and when hearing the loud drums from a nearby street, we rushed to watch the procession...

Happy Birthday Joselyn! We love you!


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