Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Graduation Day

Yesterday was our graduation at the CWL's (Catholic Women's League) Vocational Training Program. I had mentioned this in a previous blog, how I enrolled in a dressmaking class which started around August. It's kept me busy these past months, henceforth my blogging had to take a back seat. I had hoped to blog about some of my experiences while in the class, but I just couldn't get the time nor the strength to blog down my thoughts.

It was a great graduation. And guess what? I actually received the 1st honor in my dressmaking class! This came as a surprise since I felt that there were others that sewed better than me. But our teacher explained that it was because I picked up how to make patterns fast and my work was "clean". Father Mon who handed me my prize joked that I must have washed my clothes that's why it was "clean" :)

The graduation was complete with entrance march, certificate giving, shaking hands with Father and the officers of CWL, speeches, picture-taking and our presentations - our version of "Deal or No Deal", Cha-cha dance and a fashion show to show some of the items we sewed.

I was up 'til 1am getting prepared for the big day. I actually finished my blouse and skirt around 2 hours before I left the house on graduation day itself. Like my study habits back in my college days, I'm still cramming for the finals :)

I'm thankful that I was given this opportunity to study something that I've wanted to learn in a long while. Though I'm far from being a professional, I now have the knowledge and confidence to make clothes for myself and my family. I'm thankful for the people who made this possible. Firstly, of course, Jojo, who was very supportive and helped take care of the kids, my kids who will always be my inspiration, my dressmaking teacher, Ma'm Belen Chan, Ate Myrna who renewed my faith in her religion class and CWL who sponsors these annual courses. I hope to put what I've learned to good use and to maybe teach others too along the way.


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