Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laiya Beach - The Morning Catch

Honestly, I didn't have a great night's sleep. The aircon was much too cold for me and the blankets too thin. With our balikbayan cousin and nephews in the same room who were used to the cold of the US, tiniis ko na lang ang lamig. Benjo woke up at around 4:30am and since Jojo was also already awake, I went back to bed cuddling up next to Joselyn. At around 6am, Ate Leila was waking up her boys saying that they were going to take a short drive to the nearby beach where fishermen were dropping off their early morning catch. We were also awaken and though half of me wanted to go back to bed, I didn't want to miss out on what they were going to see. So, after a quick wash and toothbrush, we were in the car half-awake going a short distance to see what the "commotion" was about.

Fishermen, who were disembarking their boats, were mostly going to one lady who were collecting their catch. Auntie Flor, who also used to sell fish in the market, talked to the fish vendor lady. According to Auntie Flor, the fish was much more expensive than the ones she used to buy at the Navotas fish port.

There were several fishermen who were trying to catch fish by the seaside. We saw one haul his catch. We watched as he put small 1-inch sized fish on his hook and throw his fishing line to sea. He was luckier than the others who had not yet caught any fish.


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