Friday, July 25, 2008

Dressmaking Class - a new career???

I started a dressmaking class. I had blogged about whether or not to take this class in my private blog. I finally took the plunge and am not on my 2nd week. It's only twice a week and takes about 3 hours. The kids are getting used to not seeing me during that time. The first day, Joselyn slept for most of the time I was gone so we didn't have any problem with her looking for me. Benjo's old enough now to understand that when mommy goes out that he just had to wait for her to come back. Before I think they would worry that I wouldn't come back.

Anyway, the dressmaking class (a free class offered by the CWL or Catholic Women's League of our church), is going smoothly. We started by learning to make measurements and making our own patterns. I had first taken this class because I was inspired by my little girl's love for dresses and "pretty" clothes. Looking at the clothes in the department stores, many of the "pretty" clothes also have "pretty" prices :) So hopefully when I do learn to make clothes I can make them not only for Joselyn but for the whole family. Who knows, this might even be the start of a new career??? A far cry from my past IT background!


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