Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saving During Tight Days

With rising costs of oil, food, utility bills, etc., we've found ways to cut down on our spending:

1) We've stopped our daily newspaper delivery. We get our news from watching television, reading on the internet or sometimes from our free newspaper when eating at some fast-food chains.

2) The new water pipes have now been installed and last night they installed it in front of our house. The new system now delivers water at a higher pressure, so the water now gets to our 2nd floor and is comes out of the tap strong even during peek periods. We can now turn off the water tank, which will save on eletricity.

3) When it's rainy the weather is cooler, so we can turn off the air-conditioning and turn down the electric fan.

4) We're making less out-of-town trips to save on gas. For shorter trips, we take the public utility jeep


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