Monday, May 19, 2008

Fiesta ng Lechon

Yesterday was the Fiesta here in La Loma, officially named: "The Lechon Capital of the Philippines". There was the annual parade, of what else, but lechons! Dressed in different, colorful and many times outlandish garments. The picture on the left depicting a santacruzan with the lechons as the sagalas. Others with a boxing theme, one with traditional Filipino costumes and one with characters from Winnie-the-Pooh.

There were some politicians and celebrity Geneva Cruz during the parade, with sponsors Tanduay and San Miguel providing some freebies. Jojo caught a face towel from the Tanduay float. Jollibee too was there, who was actually the biggest hit of all - the bee outdid those lechons! There was also a celebration last night with music bands and, I heard, free beer! Today, it was all quiet with the festivities being over. Many are probably trying to get over hangovers and heartburn.


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