Monday, May 5, 2008

Binangonan - Our Second Home

We have two homes, our main one here in Quezon City and the other in Binangonan, Rizal, which I've mentioned several times in this blog. We should feel fortunate to have 2 homes, seeing others only have a cart or make-shift dwelling as their home. At times though it can be a burden - like maintaining and cleaning the house. For the most part, our home in Binangonan is cleaned and maintained by our relatives who live just steps away from the house. They manage the house, give us the bills when they arrive and help us clean and even take care of the kids when we stay there. It's a welcome change from our autonomous life here in Quezon City, where we do everything on our own - no household help for us at this time.

One thing I have to get used to though when we go to Binangonan is to always expect people at your door and in your home - almost all the time, unannounced. Like early Saturday morning, my husband's cousin opening the front door (with their own set of keys), and coming in to sweep the floor and the front of the house. I know that they were just following their regular routine, but I really do want some privacy especially that early in the morning where I haven't even had time to wash my face. My "good morning" was definitely for formalities.

On the good side, I am getting used to our home in Binangonan and am trying to find ways to really make it feel like home. I do feel that if our family was to put up a business, this place would be the best place for us. We can always leave the kids with relatives and my husband has more connections here. "Where everybody knows your name" (theme song to "Cheers"), is a song that came to mind when I was walking the streets. They don't know me, but are getting familiar with my face. My husband though is well-known in the area and knows almost everyone in the barangay. "Levers!", they'd shout to him. I still haven't found out from him how he got that unusual nickname. I'll leave that for another blog...


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