Saturday, April 12, 2008

What is that perfume you're wearing???

When my kids were babies, their pediatrician said that we should use washing detergent that has no or mild scent, because the scent could be a cause of allergies. She suggested a name brand that only came in bar form, no powder form for washing machines. So our household help at the time would hand wash the kids clothes separately.

Since they're now older, we're not as picky with the detergent we use. Just recently though we finished the detergent that my mom bought from the US and we're now using local soap. We Filipinos sure like to smell good. I cannot find a powder soap that has a mild scent. I've tried at least 3 and the scent on all of them is really strong. You can still smell the detergent after the clothes have dried.

Who needs perfume when you can wear washing machine detergent??? :)


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