Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You Don't Eat the Skin of the Kaimito

The above title is more of a personal reminder :) The kaimito or star apple is a fruit grown in warmer climates. I rarely ate this fruit when I was young. And so when I came back to the Philippines from the US and was handed the fruit, I thought that it was eaten like an apple. No one around me at the time bothered to tell me that you don't eat the skin. They watched me take a big bite from the soft, green fruit thinking that was the way I ate it. When I bit into it, I knew instantly that it wasn't the right thing to do. I took out the kaimito from my mouth and those around me started laughing. Now, it's become one of those stories that you tell others whenever you see the kaimito.

This one is purple in color and quite sweet. Now I know to cut it up first and just eat the juicy part inside. So for those innocents (or ignorants :) like me, you now know not to eat the skin of a kaimito!


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