Monday, March 3, 2008

Overnight Birthday Celebration

The trip to Binangonan was a good break. I had it in my mind to spend the night there, which we rarely do – only twice a year. It was good timing since my mom was also out of town on a pilgrimage. She doesn’t like to be left home alone. It was when Benjo said "tulog tayo sa Binangonan" (let’s sleep in Binangonan) that we decided just that.

It was a good break, though I wouldn’t say a good rest since I only got about 4 hours of sleep. Benjo and Joselyn got to spend more time with relatives. We had an informal party – no formal invitations or party games, and no clowns, (which Benjo asked about in the morning, not because he wanted a clown but because he’s still scared of clowns and would not attend a party if there was one – even if it was his party!). Kainan lang – with time for talking while helping prepare the ginataang bola-bola, pancit and BBQ.

The kids danced a little, played a lot and ate outdoors. Benjo and Joselyn fought over blowing the candle on the cake. Pancit and cake was brought to the homes of some nearby relatives. (They don’t come to the food, the food comes to them:)

Funny thing this is that when everyone was finished eating and we shared some food with neighbors and relatives, we didn’t have anything left. Some relatives arrived late and I had to go scavanging in the fridge to find something for them to eat. Good thing that Jojo had reserved some brazo de mercedes (for him I think) and there was a bottle of Sprite. So with apologies and explanations, I served them what I could. Lesson learned: "don’t give away all your food!"


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