Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meralco at 105

Meralco (Manila Electric Company), celebrated its 105th Anniversary yesterday at the Meralco main office in Ortigas, Pasig City. My husband’s cousin Ate Emma who has worked at Meralco as a company nurse for many years invited us to be part of their celebration. Many of the employees brought their family, relatives and friends to the event, enjoying an outdoor picnic (some were ready for the whole-day event - bringing mats, a tent and even a picnic table set complete with a cooler full of food), tiangges, food booths and a photo and film exhibit. We didn’t wait for the night’s scheduled events (mass at 6pm, with street dancing and appearances from different actors and actresses) since we drove to Binangonan afterwards.

We walked the grounds to the front of the main building where they still kept the copper structure displays from last Christmas. We didnt’ get to see these displays close-up during Christmas (though we passed by the displays often on our way home from Binangonan), so I’m glad that Meralco decided to leave some of the structures for the public to view. It’s a marvel to see the work that was put into these structures that were made from recycled copper material.

The photo exhibit also showed the early years of Meralco. One picture of the main office shows how the building was the only structure in the area, which at present times is surrounded by high-end subdivisions and other commercial buildings. How great it would have been to commute back then (but then again, they had slower modes of transportations in the early years)! [Right photo above grabbed from ]

Congratulations to Meralco on its 105th Anniversary! May it continue to light our paths and our homes for many more years to come...


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