Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour - our small part

Today we were part of Earth Hour. It almost didn’t push through for us. At first I had thought that we had to turn off all the lights and all the electrical appliances in the house. I have been thinking for the past few days on what to do in terms of keeping cool during that one hour. It’s officially summer season and even at 8pm, going without an electric fan can get quite unbearable. I could probably bear it but the kids and the hubby would definitely be agitated. Jojo had said that he wasn’t goin to be a part of Earth Hour, but when I told him that we can keep the air-con on, then he was more cooperative. My mom asked if we had to do it. Well, I said that I signed up for it and I thought to myself, I guess it was really just my commitment and not theirs, so I didn’t have the right to force them. But they did do their share (though unwillingly at first), and we as a family turned off the lights for that symbolic hour.

At around 8pm, we turned off the TV and the lights (we actually leave at least 4 lights on throughout the whole house during the night). We lit a candle at our altar in our bedroom and we prayed the rosary, our usual routine before bedtime. The kids were still active after praying. We looked outside the window. We could still see our neighbors had their lights on and even our street light wasn’t turned off, which gave some light through the blinds. The hour went by pretty fast with some question and answer games, and the kids trying to play around the room in the semi-darkness. Benjo asked at least twice why we had the lights off, "bakit brown-out?", I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t a brown-out and that we were part of a move to conserve energy. He probably didn’t understand but hopefully he will in the future.

At 9pm, we turned on the lights. It was a good feeling to have been part of Earth Hour. If we can do this for an hour, why not for two or more?


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