Friday, February 1, 2008

Early Summer Weather

I leaned against the south wall of our room upstairs and it felt hot. It's nearly 5:30pm but the cement wall still stored the heat from the day's scorching sun. That explains why the room is warm even if the air-conditioner is on full power. It's only the start of February but it already feels like "summer" or what we call summer here in the Philippines - usually the months near the end of February 'til around May.

So when my friends in Seattle are experiencing one of the coldest seasons of the year, we here are sweating and feeling sticky from the humidity and heat. Not sure which I would prefer. At least we don't have to wear layers of clothing here. In the shade it's not that bad as long as it's windy or you have a handy fan with you. Wonder why so many people flock the malls during hot days? Not everyone goes there to shop but to just cool off with the free air-conditioning.


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