Sunday, January 27, 2008

Funny stories from our funny uncle

My husband's uncle from Malolos is quite a funny character. It seems that almost every story he tells makes his listeners laugh and snort :) Here are some of them and I'll try to tell them as best I can, though he would do a better job and it would be funnier in tagalog...

When we were almost done with our lunch (a treat from our balikbayan titas, our funny uncle's sisters), the waiters handed us rolled-up moist towels to wipe our hands. Our funny uncle remembered one of their uncles who on one previous occasion saw the towel and said "hati na lang tayo dito. Busog na ako." (let's just share this one. I'm already full.), thinking that the rolled-up towel was a rolled lumpia!

... He also remembered being in the beach in Palawan with a niece and her sons. They had no toothpaste and since it was known that sand cleans teeth, they tried to substitute sand to clean their teeth. What a big mistake! It didn't work and after two days of not brushing his teeth with toothpaste he felt that his gums doubled in size and he continuously had sand between his teeth!

(Reading back these stories in writing, like I said they're not as funny as when you hear it in person. The joke is funnier with the gestures, expressions and in-between insinuations. Let's just use our imagination on this one :)


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