Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nanay Rosing at 90

Went to a birthday party yesterday. No, it wasn't our usual kid's party, but a senior's party. The celebrant was a neighbor - 90 year old Nanay Rosing. I see her most days when we pass by their house. She sits near their front door. For 90, she's looking healthy and well. Their house is known on our street because of it's color - light pink - and their car is of the same shade. Pink wasn't the color of the day yesterday though - it was red. Nanay Rosing was all decked out in a red, sequinned saya gown and her daughters wore matching gowns. I only got to stay awhile since I left the house without the kids knowing. It was a good party though - well-attended, delicious food, grand reunion of family, friends and neighbors.


longnoose said...

put up some pictures, please

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