Monday, October 29, 2007

Indelible Mark

This is my finger. Not very attractive. No, I didn't get into an accident. It's not blood, nor a bruise. They say it can't easily be removed. It's true. I washed clothes with bleach today and the mark is still there.
It's indelible ink. A sign that I have used my privelege of voting. It's put on your finger after you submit your vote. Why? So you can't go back and vote more than once! Which I guess has happened many times in the past. Today was the Barangay elections. Tough decision for me since I wasn't given much information on these candidates. Many people rallied and marched, gave their flyers with just the names of the candidates. "Boto mo sya, ate! Gwapo sya - promise!" - a teenager shouted at me as I was watching them go by our house. "Gwapo" - Mmm - that could be one criteria. I was tempted to keep the list of kagawads blank, but slowly I filled them up. We'll find out soon who won.


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