Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sounds in the Morning...

I try to wake up at 4:30am. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. It feels good when I do wake up early - I get a lot of things done before the kids are up.

In the quiet of the morning, here are some of the first sounds you hear in our part of the metropolis:

- The roosters crowing at around 5am. They don't wake up at the crack of dawn as the saying goes, but way before dawn. Well, at least where we live anyway. You don't need an alarm clock if you have roosters in your neighborhood!

- Around 5:30am, you can hear the sound of the walis ting-ting. A couple of neighbors are already up and sweeping the street in front of their houses.

- Around 6am, many people are awake ... some are ready to go to work and some kids are ready to go to school. You hear the beep-beep of a school service van waiting for their passenger. There's the man on the bicycle selling pan-de-sal, with his distinctive bicycle horn...The noisy motor of a tricycle goes by... "Taho... taho!", says the taho vendor... more people are up sweeping the streets… people talking, more vendors - "diaryo, bote, bakal!"... more vehicles…

The morning is no longer quiet.


longnoose said...

can you post a picture of the taho vendor? ty

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