Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beautiful Sound in the Morning

My kids woke up early today. Joselyn was still sleepy but Benjo wanted to go out and play. It was only 6am, but still a good time to play outdoors since the air was still cool. I carried Joselyn downstairs and we all went outside.

It was still relatively quiet. There was a bird singing a different tune. I've heard it before. I looked in the direction of the sound, and found the little bird jumping on the branches of our neighbor's bayabas tree. I didn't know what kind of bird it was. It was different from the other birds that we see on the electric wires. I have to look it up and maybe find where we kept our binoculars so we could get a closer look at this bird and other birds that we may find.

I hope to see it again and listen to its beautiful chirping sound. It's a contrast to the other man-made sounds that we usually wake up to.


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